SEPTEMBER 8 - 10, 2017

Spread the Word, Invite Your Friends and Make Plans Now to attend the 2017 MEN'S RALLY in Branson, MO !

2016 Men's Rally Wrap-Up

In September 2016 men from many churches joined together in Branson MO at the Westgate Resort to seek God for . . .

A New Passion, Purpose and Direction!

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Dr. Daryl Merrill, Lead Pastor of Christian Life Church, Chicago, IL. and Vice President of Christian Life College spoke to the men in three sessions during our fun filled weekend. Dr. Merrill brought a fresh revelation of men, their role in the church, family and our country. He gave us some practical nut and bolt building blocks to apply to our lives during the coming year. We are all anxious to see what God can do in our lives when we apply these fundamental truths, each and every day.

This was also a time for men to get away from all the stuff life brings and just simply have fun with like minded men and all the things that Branson MO and this wonderful resort has to offer.

  • There was a group that rented pontoon boats and fished.

  • A group who went to shooting range at the beautiful Busik National Park.

  • Another group that played golf at Thousand Hills Golf Course.

  • A bunch of guys who went hiking on the trails surrounding the resort.

  • Several groups attended the shows in Branson.

  • And then there was a bunch of guys who got up late, hit Shoney’s all you can eat breakfast bar then sat in the hot tub, went swimming and just enjoyed the day together.

  • Guys playing volleyball, basketball and shuffleboard.

  • At 1:30PM on Saturday, we had the annual Horse Shoe Tournament with cash prizes. I believe a team from Amarillo and ECC took home first place and Greensburg second place.

  • We also invaded Lamberts, the Home of Throwed Rolls, with about 25 men on the way home.

This was also a chance to forge new friendships and renew old ones with guys who share the same desire, to be used of God right now where you are!

During the first night we asked all the men three simple questions. We received some awesome feedback . . .

Men on Fire – Passion, Purpose & Direction

  1. What does this statement mean to you?

  2. What was the main reason you decided to come this weekend and what is your expectation that God has placed in your heart?

  3. When the weekends over, what thing will determine that it was worth the time and effort? What will make it successful for you?

Let us hear your testimony of how God touched you this year, CLICK HERE.


SEPTEMBER 8-10, 2017